How to Generate Leads in Real Estate Business

A successful real estate agent is expert at generating leads. Within the real estate industry, a lead is information on a possible buyer or seller. It is more efficient to target individuals already considering purchasing or listing property, as opposed to the general public. If the lead comes from a person the potential client knows and trusts, then the real estate agent has an advantage over other agents, when contacting the lead.

emails-publishing-systemSend regular mailings to past clients, either monthly or quarterly, with valuable information, such as real estate tips and news, or an occasional marketing calendar or gift. This will remind them you are still in business, and entice them to refer you to a friend or to call you, if they need your professional services.

3728027197_73d811d378_zPass out your photo business card during out-of-town real estate conventions or classes. Make contact with associate agents in other communities and let them know you pay for referrals from other agents. If you make an intuition, and create yourself as an authority in your community, they may refer you to their clients who are shopping in your area.

3D-Render-Postcard-3in-by-3inSend out “just listed” or “just sold” postcards to neighborhoods where you just sold or listed property. Contact your local title and escrow company, as they may be willing to supply you with mailing labels or addresses for specific neighborhoods. Let the people know you are doing business in their neighborhood, as they may also require your services.

meeting3Join service organizations and clubs, and let your fellow members know you are practicing real estate. Become involved in the organization, and show your fellow members that you are active in the community, trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable in real estate.

listings4agentsStart a real estate blog or website and offer to send visitors to the site free information, in exchange for completing a questionnaire, which you will use to generate leads.

Establish relationships with attorneys, paralegals, lenders, bankers, insurance agents and other professionals with clients, who may be looking to buy or sell property. Establishing just one solid relationship with an estate attorney has the potential for generating countless leads.


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